TRANSYLVANIA - The Apuseni Mountains

My wild Transylvania

  Take a step into the wild Transylvania, a fairytale land. Let yourself be part of another world and travel back intime to see old traditional village and untamed forest!

  Visit Transylvania, the Apuseni Mountains and Apuseni National Park and you will never forget it!

 The peace of ,,The Green Mountains,, the soothing sound of the river and the freshness of this wild nature will make you feel rejuvenated and feel your heart with so much energy! How about the quality of our air, the wild inhabitants of our rivers and forests, the kindness of our people.....shall I continue?

  While Transylvania may be known in popular culture as the home of Dracula, the incredible lanscape and rich history of this region are not to be overlooked. 

 Located in the Carpathian Mountains in central Romania, travelers flock here for outdoor activities and adventures such as fishing, hiking, skiing, and rock climbing. Further, the medieval towns and architecture scattered throughout the region are some of the oldest and best preserved in the country.

 As host of many festivals and events, Transylvania is a cultural center for foreigners and locals alike. It's the country's largest and most well-known region, and the majority of tourism within Romania exists in this historic area. Take a look at our Transylvania, the Apuseni Mountains, the Somesul Cald River and the Belis - Fantanele Lake.

  The best river to go fly fishing here is Someșul Cald River, which carves its beauty through the spectacular karst landscapes of the Western Carpathians. Massive limestones, deep gorges, caves and a huge lake complete this dream destination for fly fishers.   The surroundings are just breathtaking. This is the best place not only for fly fishers, but also for active nature lovers that like trekking, mountain biking, caving, kayaking or just relaxing underneath the endless skies. 

   Located only about 2 hours drive from the International Airport of Cluj-Napoca, the river Someșul Cald springs high up in the Apuseni Mountains and after a stretch of about 27 km, where it also forms a gorge, it reaches the dam lake Beliș. The lake itself is spectacular, covering over 17 km in length with a depth of over 105 m – perfect hiding place for lake trout.
    The river is home for some of the finest grayling and trout fishing in the Romanian Carpathians. And above all, the population of Salmonids is natural. You will never find here stocked rainbow or other species except the beautiful wild brownies and painted-like colored graylings.